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D-2 General Purpose 3/4" Dry Freight Roll Up Door
Plastic or Aluminum Clad Compatible with WHITING & TODCO General Purpose Roll up Doors
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D-3 Whiting Premium 3/4" Dry Freight Door
Plastic or Aluminum. Note: this door has 2" track & the Operator is made from two part spring.
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D-4 Whiting Coldsaver 2 1/8" Insulated Door
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Itemidate Panel for Baverage Roll Up Door
Part # TL-AEXT-012-24
Material: 6061-T6
Size: up to 24' in stock
Aprox. Weight/ft - 0.80 Lbs
Plywood Swing Door Panel
TL-Door-2-096 - 3/4" x49" x 96" Plymetal Door Panels White/White Aluminum
TL-Door-2-110 - 3/4" x49" x 110" Plymetal Door Panels White/Bare Aluminum
TL-Door-2-120 - 3/4" x49" x 120" Plymetal Door Panels White/Bare Aluminum
*Other Sizes and Combination are available.
Plywood Swing Door Panel
TL-Door-9-P-001 - 3/4"x14' Gasket
TL-Door-9-P-002 - 3/4"x8.5' Gasket
Door Frames
TL-AEXT-07-024 - Used on FRP Body
Door Frames
TL-AEXT-11-24 - Used on Aluminum Body
TL-AEXT-03-096 - Used on Aluminum Body
Door Holders
TL-Door-9-P-002 - Needed for Side Door
TL-HING-01-2112 - Needed for Side Door
Door Locks
TL-Lock-02-3010-X - Needed for Side Door
Door Frames