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We stock 90x90 aluminum, and general purpose plastic roll up doors. Also Whiting premium and Whiting Coldsaver 2 1/8" insulated doors. Beverage roll up doors made to size.
Aluminum Trailer Floor
Aluminum Floor
Corner caps by Morgan, Supreme, Us Body, UtiliMaster, DuraLite and more. Free tooling for Aluminum die casting. Aluminum castings are manufactured by Truckline to match OEM style and quality.

We carry large variety of Aluminum casting Corner Caps used by many types of truck and trailer bodies.They are made to match most of the major Truck and Trailer manufacturers for a fraction of the cost. We have our own Truckline Aluminum casting corner cap which can be used by anyone interested in building his own body type. We are capable of producing corner caps for truck body manufacturers and truck body parts distributors. In select cases where a large quantity is required, we may waive the Aluminum Casting tooling charges. We offer speedy service and a quick turnaround from the moment we get the Aluminum Casting drawing to producing the Aluminum casting, tolling and the production of the Aluminum Casting corner cap or end cap. Our inventory also includes Aluminum Casting End caps for Aluminum Extrusions rub rail. We stock Aluminum Casting Corner Caps for the following truck bodies: Morgan truck body, Supreme truck body, Mickey truck body, Utilimaster truck body, Grumman truck body and Stoten trailer body. We have Aluminum Casting End Caps for rub Rails used by UPS van bodies.

We have Aluminum Inverted T floors, Non slippery textured floors, Extrusion flat floors and more. We also have counter sunk rivets to be used for Aluminum & Steel floors.

Floors that will last

Aluminum flooring has been around for many years, and has been used in a number of high -profile projects around the world (Most of Refrigerated units are using Aluminum floor). The seamless Aluminum floor is maintenance free and easy to clean.

The aluminum flooring is available in a number of different finishes: Non Slippery Surface, Smooth Finish and more, and they all offer easy low-maintenance.

Is it slippery?
According to its manufacturer, the Aluminum Non Slippery Inverted T Floor provides a highly durable, slip-resistant surface that is well suited to high-impact/high-traffic areas. It is specially designed and fabricated to prevent slips.


As for its durability, the Professional Flooring Installers Association estimates Aluminum floors to have a life expectancy of over 100 years. In stark contrast, re-carpeting is typically undertaken every 8-10 years.

Truckline views Aluminum as the floor cover of the future and reportedly has Aluminum floor in various shapes in stock.

One practical issue with regard to Aluminum floor relates to its electrical conductivity. Because of this inherent property of Aluminum, the Aluminum floor can be wired and be grounded to prevent shocks for those who walk on it.

Optimizing the Truck and Trailer body weight is a plus. Aluminum Floor works to this advantage, reflecting light weight when compared to Steel or Oak Floors.

In most Refrigerated Truck and Trailer units the Aluminum Floor is a must and in some states it is a by-law to have Aluminum floor in certain food delivery vehicles.

The Aluminum floor is easy to clean and unlikely to breed bacteria.

An on-site testing of the acoustical properties of Aluminum flooring vis-à-vis traditional wood showed Aluminum Floor to be the quieter of the two.

We carry Bottom Rail Bolts and Nuts, also known as the cross member bolt, It is a structural bolt used in the assembly of truck trailers. These bolts are used to fasten and hold the bottom rail and the side wall to the cross member. These bolts are designed to be strong, fasten tight, and remain tight. Also available in Stain Less Steel..